Analysis of Cycloid features by video analysis


  • Regiley Pimenta Ramos de Oliveira Federal University of Alfenas - MG
  • Samuel Bueno Soltau Physics Department - ICEx - UNIFAL-MG



Cycloid, Brachistochrone, Tautochrone, Video analysis


We analyze and discuss the agreement between the experimental data obtained with video analysis and the theoretical calculations for the classical problem of brachistochrone and tautochrone cycloids. We use the open source software Tracker to examine video segments with simultaneous records of both straight and cycloid ramp to taken experimental data and compare them to the theoretical study. The results are in accordance with the theoretical description. The study of this classical problem is a proof of concept of the reliability and accuracy of the method that can be applied in other classical mechanics problems.


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Biografia do Autor

Regiley Pimenta Ramos de Oliveira, Federal University of Alfenas - MG

Currently developing a Scientific Initiation project at the Federal University of Minas Gerais. It has experience in the field of Physics, with an emphasis on Condensed Matter Physics.

Samuel Bueno Soltau, Physics Department - ICEx - UNIFAL-MG

Associate Professor IV at the Federal University of Alfenas in the State of Minas Gerais and researcher at the Theoretical and Computational Physics Group at the Cruzeiro do Sul University in São Paulo-SP. Interests in Computational Physics, Extragalactic Astrophysics, Astroinformatics, Elementary Particle Physics. It is also dedicated to the dissemination of Science.


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Pimenta Ramos de Oliveira, R., & Soltau, S. B. (2021). Analysis of Cycloid features by video analysis. Sitientibus Série Ciências Físicas, 17, 1–6.



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